World-Class Data Collection for Healthcare Market Research

Facility-PlusAnimal Care-PlusOral Health-PlusPharmacy-PlusManaged Care-PlusPhysicians–PlusPatients, Sufferers and Caregivers


5,500+ hospitals and 180,000 allied HCPs in hospitals and clinics

Animal Care-Plus

11,000+ registered veterinarians and 29,000 support staff

Oral Health-Plus

100,000+ oral healthcare professionals and support staff


75,000+ pharmacists and pharmacy personnel

Managed Care-Plus

9,000+ managed care and payor system organizations


400,000+ PCP’s, specialists and 800,000+ support staff

Patients, Sufferers and Caregivers

Patients in 150 key therapeutic categories

A Core Philosophy of Focused Excellence

How to always be best in class

SurveyHealthCare was founded to provide the best  in class data-collection to the healthcare research industry by focusing on what we do best, then doing it better for you. SurveyHealthCare’s philosophy is that to be the best, you must focus all your attention in one area.

Our value proposition

  • We focus only on the healthcare industry.
  • We are a partner not a competitor and will not pursue work with your clients.
  • We are dedicated to leading the industry in developing new techniques, questionnaire designs and programming routines.
  • We are committed to quality data collection, and client satisfaction with each project we undertake.

Mutual success

We believe that by providing best in class service, value, quality and leadership both SHC and our clients will benefit.


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