Data-Collection Services for All Healthcare Audiences

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A 4-Step Process to Guarantee Your Project’s Success

1. Sample Expertise – SurveyHealthCare will work with you to determine exactly how many respondents can be delivered for the specialty area under analysis. We will determine incidence levels and use our established routines to develop reliable estimates of sample size delivery and timing.

2. Questionnaire Expertise – SurveyHealthCare will not simply copy your paper questionnaire onto the Internet. Within 4 hours of your questionnaire delivery, SurveyHealthCare will provide a detailed review of the questionnaire and provide suggestions on possible improvements.

3. Programming Expertise – SurveyHealthCare will oversee the programming of your questionnaire. We provide quick and expert Internet programming and work with you to determine innovative ways to gather information from respondents.

4. Quality Control – We believe in getting it right the first time and employ rigorous checks for all stages of the data-collection process.

  • Checking during programming, including manual checking of programs and random data generation
  • Blurry Box to insure actual respondent
  • Verify respondents ID through matching and validation
  • Name, address and license validation
  • Real-time automated checks
  • Time tests